How eating more fruits and veggies may help you feel GREAT even during your period. 

Menstruation . . . (sigh)!

Especially the HEAVY day . . . (Arg!) . . . of our menstrual cycle.

We’ve all been there before. Right, ladies?

If menstruation was just a little spot here or there, most of us wouldn’t mind.

But, for many of us that’s not the case.

It’s one of the twelve times a year we wish we could wear sweat pants and hide in a closet with a bag of vegan cookies, plate of vegan nachos, or full container of vegan ice cream.

What are we to do?

We are active people with jobs, families, and sometimes training to enjoy.

How can we have fun wearing a thick pad all the while enduring cramps, lower back pain, headaches, and crummy emotional baggage? Not to mention . . . dare I say – LEAKAGE!

Well, you can have an enjoyable period.

There is a solution – a vegan diet filled with fresh, raw veggies and fruit.

I use to hate menstruation too. That all changed when I began eating more raw fruits and veggies -
i.e. a raw food vegan diet.

Before trying raw food, eating a regular, cooked vegan diet definitely revolutionized my menstruation. 

I didn’t have the back pain or cramps that I use to, my mood was much improved (no more watching sappy, girly movies for a good cry!), and I experienced a tad bit lighter flow. 

However, even with a vegan diet . . . 

. . . I still had menstruation headaches – no, I mean migraines - the kind where a bass drummer beats the insides of your head to a pulp while causing blurred vision. 

And despite the little bit lighter flow, it still was a water fall at times, if you know what I mean – even with taking birth control pills. 

(The old saying that birth control pills make your period lighter wasn’t true for me. Unfortunately, that was the whole reason I started taking them!) 

Then I read something very interesting while researching the vegan raw food diet: 

Some vegan raw foodie women
experience lighter periods. 

In fact, some sites call it a “side-effect.” A complete joke of course, because the “side-effects” of a raw food diet are all things people want, like . . . 

  • eat all you want - as long as it's a raw fruit or veggie
  • lose weight
  • have more energy
  • No really - HAVE A LOT MORE ENERGY
  • less mind fog

. . . and of course vastly improved periods. 

All I had to do was eat raw vegetables, fruits and nuts, and then I could donate my “super” pads (no pun intended) to some SAD (standard American diet) eater?

I pondered the idea for a few months. 

Of course, during that time I maintained my hot/cold, general vegan diet while I researched it further. 

Then it dawned on me . . . 

The more I read the more I knew even with my vegan diet and no longer taking medication for asthma and allergies, I had to stop taking birth control pills in order to get rid of those make me cry myself to sleep headaches. 

It took me a long time to realize birth control pills were adding to my menstruation woes. 

Many women can relate to this . . . when I say I was "use to" feeling crappy for the whole week. 

I had to be happy and cheery at work, but I’d come home, crash on my bed, and lapse into tears, trying to “sleep-it-off” and praying the headache would be gone when I awoke. 

Even though I was vegan, free of medication – except birth control, I continued to look for ways to improve my monthly menstruation. 

As each month passed, I just couldn’t take the “week before” bloating and emotional over eating - not to mention weight gain. 

. . . Nor could I handle the actual menstruation week of MIND-BLOWING (literally) headaches, and waterfall flowage for ALL seven days. 

That meant (and, ladies, you know this . . .) that ONLY two weeks out of the month were normal happy, feeling good days.

I wanted my life to be good with or without having a period during a particular week or day. 

Why do women have to suffer for half of the month, half of the year, or half of their lives? I couldn’t live like that anymore. 

Or, rather, I was NOT going to live like that anymore! 

Knowing that birth control was a good chunk of my problem and I was older – definitely in my thirties – and in my heart knew I didn’t want to physically have children myself for various personal reasons, I made the choice to proceed with permanent birth control – Essure. 

The choice rid me from damaging my body further by continued use of The Pill. 

There is much research to prove birth control not only has terrible side-effects, but long term use can cause many serious diseases – including cancer. 

Don’t believe me, check out this article about the long term usage, history, and effects. 

Or, you can read this more serious one about the deadly side-effects from using The Pill. 

Still not convinced? How about this one about how birth control pills kill your libido (and I did find this to be very accurate!). 

No matter what, I knew there was a better way for me. 

You have to decide what’s best for yourself and your family regardless of what others think. 

So, I share that with you to let you know what one woman did to take care of herself - and her menstruation. 

What I have learned is that like me many women probably also have or have had some very serious core emotional issues that not only affect their menstruation, but also cause weight gain, and/or other ailments. 

Pushing those feelings aside or hiding them can cause dis-ease. 

Emotions and spirituality affect our physical well being. Physical and spiritual issues effect our emotions. They are all connected, intertwined, and affect each other synonymously. 

Everyone has issues. 

Digging deep within to the heart of those issues will lead you to resolve them. 

The resolve provides emotional, physical, and spiritual healing . . . or peace - at least as much as you can have on Earth. :-) 

The Beginning of My Raw Food Journey to Menstrual Freedom 

 After all is said and done, I started the raw food diet in conjunction with my transition off of the birth control pill.

Noticeable changes occurred after only two months, but a full year later, I noticed a big difference in my monthly period and the way I felt - emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

What a relief!

Not only did I have less bleeding – considerably less with a raw food diet – but I also didn’t have any other side effects.

In fact, I'm so regular off The Pill and eating a raw (80%) vegan diet that I really have to watch the calendar now.

I can’t physically tell that I’m getting my period until I notice it's been a month.

Sometimes I'll feel what’s like indigestion and realize my “friend” has arrived - which means . . . yes, I have a light, regular period as a vegan woman. :-).

Now as I've incorporated some cooked food into my diet, I still have the same great period.

But after all that is said and done, the year transformation and VERY clean diet are worth it.

And, that's one side-effect I'll happily live with!

Looking for a better - dryer - period protection? 

Have you ever heard of the Diva Cup? If not, ladies, you MUST check this out. Or, read my The Vegan Adventurer Menstruation Article answering the question, should you try the Diva Cup?

It's much better and SAFER than a tampon, and . . . get this . . . you don’t even feel it!:-)

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