Two Warnings about Soy

Soy . . . Many believe vegans only eat tofu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tofu is rich in many vitamins such as calcium, protein, and a little iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and a few others in trace amounts.

However, even though it is tasty vegan food, let me give you a few warnings about eating it.

Keep these facts in mind when purchasing and eating tofu . . .

Caution Tip #1

Always, always, always buy it in the ORGANIC form. It can’t be stressed enough.

Go organic or step away from the cooler. If you buy non-organic tofu, you risk the chance of buying a GMO product.

What do I mean?

The beans in that tofu could have been grown from seeds that were genetically modified (or GMO).

GMO’s have been researched and investigated quite a bit in recent years as a primary suspect in the cause of many types of cancers and other diseases.

Always buy organic.

Caution Tip #2

The second warning . . . Tofu at one point was sensationalized as the next best thing.

People were encouraged to eat it – and eat a lot of it.

Doctors were telling women to eat more because some research studies revealed its ability to reduce hot flashes and other common side effects of menopause for those who ate it.

However, now it has been said that eating too much causes breast and other types of common cancers in women, which could be the result of eating GMO soy.

Some people believe if you do eat it, you should only eat the Asian version.

Obviously, the only way you can get it is from an Asian country.

There they ferment it in many ways and using a different, albeit more natural, process.

And because of that, Asian tofu can’t be shipped.

Essentially, their advice suggests you can only eat tofu if you are IN Asian.


My recommendation is to eat it like the people in those Asian cultures do – as a condiment.

If you have soy milk with vegan cereal for breakfast, tofu meat sandwich for lunch and tofu nuggets for dinner, then that is too much.

Eating the same foods for every meal every day is not balanced or healthy – even if you’re eating all vegetables, as my example illustrates.

When eating this vegan fare, only eat ORGANIC tofu once or twice a week, if you choose to.

Personally, I eat tofu on occasion, which means as sprinkled vegan cheese for a bean burrito or dry-fried with a little olive oil drizzled on top and spread over a salad, . . . may be a stir fry once a week or month, and drink it in milk form only as a treat - such as holiday "soy nog".

So what do I use for “milk”? Instead of soy, I use almond milk. You can easily make your own homemade almond milk, which doesn't take much time at all.

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